What is Island Pie?

In the upcoming posts I will be sharing gardening tips, fence maintenance and repair, DIY yard projects, as well as, unrelated things but they are just plain fun.  This is what I am starting with today.

Besides always on the lookout for inspiration for images my husband and I love to sail.  We sail around the Gulf and San Juan Islands, and besides seeing a lot of wild life and meeting great people, we are always on the hunt for great pizza.  The following is what we have discovered.  Up first the Gulf Islands.

Bowen Island is home to Tuscany Restaurant, a short walk from the Marina in Snug Cove, which cooks their pizza in a traditional stone oven.  Dolce Inferno is our personal favorite.

Our find in Gibsons is the Patra Pizza and Curry.  Though not walking distance from the Marina a delivery person will meet you at the gate with an incredible meat lovers with just one phone call.

Switching now to the San Juan Islands our first stop is Semiahmoo Resort and Marina.  This is the home of Packers Oyster Bar.  Whether you eat in or take it to go they will serve a fine pizza cooked in their wood stone oven

This brings us to Roche Harbor Resort and Marina.  A must see for everyone, as not only is the place beautiful it has a lot of history and during the summer does TAPS every night at 8pm.  This is where you will also find Lime Kiln Cafe.  Home to more good pizza.

The fifth and most incredible pizza by far, we have eaten on our journeys, goes back to the title of this Blog  What Is Island Pie?  On Deer Harbor, on Orcas Island, is where we found Island Pie.  We knew it would special because when I was reading the menu on the outside of the building several patrons stopped to tell us how great the pizza was on the way in and if we didn’t go in ourselves we would be missing out on a fabulous pizza experience.  These patrons did not steer us wrong.  Holey Smokes.  What a sensational, amazing delight.  We went for the Americas Favorite.  Starting from the top was an great 3 cheese blend, followed by fresh meat, perfectly spiced sauce all on top of the absolute best, mouth watering, light and airy, perfectly cooked crust.  Best we have ever had.  Hands down, bar none.  They are now closed for three months.  If you ever decide to boat or drive to Deer Harbor put Island Pie on your list of things to do.  You too, like us, will become an ambassador for Island Pie.     http://www.myislandpie.com

San Juan and Gulf Islands

Until then try one at home